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Buffed Elephant Grey
Rustica Graphite
Leather option
Rustica Brown
Shiduli Tan
Rustica Desert
Rustica Spice


This leather requires great care and is extremely sensitive to light and absorbs spilled liquids very quickly. If you have children or pets in the house, it is not advisable to have a sofa in the rustica leather options anywhere near them. However, if you like the worn rustic look you will NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER, find a more beautiful looking leather than this. IT SIMPLY IS EXQUISITE.


This is an aniline waxy finish. It is very similar to Shanwari but with less of a “crackled” effect. The other difference is that is “scratches” less than the Shamwari leather. As it is an aniline leather, it is sensitive to strong light and sunlight.


This is an aniline waxy finish. The wax in the leather gives a “crackled” effect and will lighten in those areas. The more the leather is creased, the more the “crackled effect” will appear. Scratch marks from fingernails or objects can be rubbed away by generating heat with ones thumb. This leather is sensitive to light.

Leather types vary in shades from batch to batch and even from hide to hide, showing that it is a genuine leather. Should you be uncertain about the leather color or option, please contact us for a sample.

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