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Our Eucalyptus patio furniture comes pre-treated from the factory with a light oil coating. This treatment provides only basic protection and is not sufficient to protect the furniture from the harsh outdoor environment.

It is essential that after assembly, at least (3) three additional coats of good quality wood sealer be applied. Where furniture is constantly left outside, completely exposed to the elements, it is advised that Rystix Exterior Armadek Waterbased Sealer be used. Regular maintenance coats should be applied thereafter, depending upon the level of exposure to the elements as well as the appearance of the timber. Prolonged exposure of inadequately treated furniture to the elements will cause the timber to weather a dull colour and hairline cracks will develop. Hairline cracks are normal and these cracks do not compromise the structural integrity of the timber.

Please ensure that all screws and other hardware are fastened on a regular basis. For new furniture, the coating can be applied directly to new furniture without any surface preparation. For previously coated furniture, ensure that the surface of the furniture is clean before applying any coating. If the surface appears rough, light sanding with sandpaper (180 grit) is recommended. Always apply all coatings as per manufacturers instructions, also apply to all joints and visible fittings to protect against corrosion.

Following these instructions will ensure many years of enjoyable service from our products.

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